E. coli as a fuel producer?

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Possible new strain of E. coli able to produce diesel from fatty acids. Interesting story, probably a few years away from being actually able to produce usable fuel commercially.


Lab Week 2013

Happy Lab Week, my fellow Laboratorians. Phlebotomists, Medical Laboratory Technicians, Medical Laboratory Scientists, Med Techs, Cytologists, Pathologists, Histologists….Sorry if I missed your title/job, we are a big group of lab rats.

I hope Lab Week is fun at your lab, please let me know any exciting parts. Maybe you have ideas for next year, tell me!

Donate to the victims of the Boston Marathon explosion


The folks over at weareatheism.com have set up a charity for the Boston Marathon victims. Every dollar given helps 100% more than a prayer. Let’s do what we can to help these people! Go donate!

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The Future of Phlebotomy

The Future

Could this be the future of phlebotomy? I don’t think so. This may be a fun alternative that is offered to willing patients at some large hospitals, but I think it’ll be a very long time before the general public would be willing to try it. I think I’m up for it. What about you?


Bleeding Disorders

Diagnosis of Bleeding Disorders



Hemoglobin…possibly the most important part of our blood. It binds oxygen to transfer it from the air in the lungs to the body parts and binds to carbon dioxide and other waste to take it away to get rid of it through the lungs. The iron particles in the blood are the reason it appears red. Every animal discovered so far has this system, except one! The fish in the article below has clear blood and no hemoglobin. Insane!

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We are Important

May be Canadian, but it’s true for us too

The lab isn’t just the person who takes the blood. We play with all sorts of bodily fluids and tissues in aiding the doctor in making accurate diagnoses.