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Blood Bank!

My favorite department in our lab…..Blood Bank

Recently our blood bank underwent a survey by the AABB. If you are unaware the AABB comes in to the lab, checks records, maintenance, reagents, products, employees, everything for flaws. I am very proud to say that, under the guidance of our section leader Cindy, this year we had ZERO deficiencies! Whoot, Whoot!


This post isn’t only to brag about our lab. I would also like to bring up a topic that has been in the news recently. Packed Red Blood Cell Shelf Life. Currently we store RBCs for up to 42 days There have been write-ups and news articles that say we could extend the shelf life. There are also items in the news that suggest that a shorter shelf life may be needed.

Longer Shelf Life                VS.               Shorter Shelf Life


What is your opinion….

I am on the side of a shorter shelf life, I buy into the argument that the RBCs lose that flexibility that allows them to fit through the capillaries to actually aid in recovery.


What ever side you are on…………GIVE BLOOD


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